OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition Review

We all know that OnePlus phones are really good and the Mclaren version which comes out after the generic version, is always even better. Not a lot of things changed as per the specifications but the design is changed. In a world where a lot of people use OnePlus phones, you can stand out by using the Mclaren version of it. More about the OnePlus 7t pro Mclaren edition review is given in the article below.


How Is The Phone As Per Specifications?

Every Oneplus phone that comes out has the best and up-to-date specifications which makes it survive in the market. It is definite that these flagship phones are beasts and the McLaren edition Oneplus 7t Pro is nothing less. The phone comes with a 12 GB RAM and 256 GB storage which is absolutely perfect for the price range and more than perfect for the mobile gamers. A lot of games like Asphalt and PUBG mobile have been played in this phone and their run absolutely smoothly without any lag whatsoever.

The design of the Mclaren edition of this phone is always special but there are some items in the box which are special as well. Out of the box, it comes with the Warp charger which is coloured orange and black with a papaya-colured braided cord. Even the carrying case is made up of alcantara leather and carbon fibre which contributes to the special packaging of the special phone.

Reviews About The Phone

The price of the phone is 59,000, as of Amazon where it went on sale. Many people believe that the price is a little too much for it to be called a flagship killer. There are a lot of more options about the 50,000 range and that is the reason why the competition is going to be really tough.

The looks of the phone is absolutely amazing and anybody would be surprised about the build quality. This also comes with a pop-up camera which is the new trend in the smartphone market, as of now.

The camera module of the Oneplus 7t Pro Mclaren edition is similar to the generic Oneplus 7t Pro but the Mclaren edition is surrounded with a brilliant pattern. That is what looks absolutely amazing about the phone and the audience borders also add up to the whole look. Design-wise, this phone is an absolute must-have.

For day to day performance however, this is again very good because the camera is great and the design as well. Normal users would not required a lot of pressure on the processor and the RAM which is the reason why they are not judged, while suggesting to the normal day-to-day users.

For the gamers also, this is a very high performing mobile phone where you can do a variety of tasks at the same time without even the phone lagging a bit. This is a top performer and 8GB of RAM was good in itself, leave alone the 12GB RAM version.

This phone is going to take the market by storm and it already has started the process of doing so. There are a lot of competitions but when it comes to photography, gaming and looks, this is a must-have and nobody should look anywhere else.

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