Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

Now, here’s a Pro model-it has a curved’ waterfall’ screen, a super-powerful chipset, the Lumia 1020’s largest camera sensor, insane slow-mo capture, front and back ToF modules, a lot of battery with all sorts of charging options, and an IR blaster. That’s the 30 Pro Huawei Mate.


In recent years, only the second phone with such extreme curves display, the Mate 30 Pro was announced a mere 3 days after a similarly Vivo NEX 3. In the latest generations of Galaxy flagships, Samsung’s toned down its side edge curvature after the proof-of-concept Note Edge got it all started, and it’s up to the likes of Vivo and Huawei to deliver such modern phone design features.

But when it comes to practicality, it may not be a great idea to have the screen spill to the sides. You see, it comes with some consequences. First of all-fragility. Having virtually no frame on the sides means that the phone is more likely to break-where you would otherwise bump the iPhone 11 Pro’s stainless steel, you’d be hitting the display’s glass on the Mate 30 Pro. Gorilla Glass 6 is fine, but to quote a popular YouTuber ‘ glass is glass, and glass breaks’ is fine.

In contrast to the bezel-less sides, there’s some top and bottom meat, and up there’s also a knot. It houses the camera of the selfie, the ToF pair, the sensor of proximity, and the sensor of ambient light-many things. A notable absentee is an earpiece-the Mate 30 Pro vibrates its screen to produce sound in voice calls, but for real stereo output, there is no replacement for a traditional driver.

The Mate has only one loudspeaker at the middle, where you will find the USB-C port, the main microphone, and the slot for the ticket. Back to back, our unit would take two nano SIMs or a nano-SIM and a Nano Memory card, the proprietary memory standard from Huawei that nobody asked for. A nano-SIM and a Nano Memory card will obviously fit in single-SIM variants.

In the meantime, you will be equipped with a decent IR emitter on the top plate-a round of applause for Huawei to mount one on the Mate 30 Pro. There’s also another mic in this area.

We made it to the back at last. The three+one cameras of the Mate 30 Pro are housed in a large black circle-three regular image capture units and a pair of ToF emitter-receivers. There’s about a millimetre of a bump for the quite big optics to make room, but as it’s centred on the back, it doesn’t cause any wobbles.


Now, apparently Huawei thought the camera cluster wasn’t big enough, so they just added an extra ring as a design accent around it. It makes for a unique look, of course, but… Let’s just say you don’t like it universally.

Within the lens ring, a dual-LED flash and a light temperature sensor did not make it and were placed in the top left corner. Like on the lens of a real camera, the mandatory Leica branding also lists the focal length and aperture ranges.


The Mate 30 Pro is currently equipped with one of the industry’s most impressive displays-an OLED that wraps around the device’s sides halfway.

It has a resolution of 1176x2400px in a strange aspect ratio of 18.4:9 (or 2.04:1) resulting in a 409ppi pixel density.

Battery Life:

The Mate 30 Pro comes with a battery boost and is now 4,500mAh compared to the 4,200mAh of the Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro. Usually, main rivals are below the number of Mate 30 Pro with OnePlus 7 Pro packing a 4,000mAh battery, the iPhone 11 Pro Max packing 3,969mAh and the Galaxy Note10 + packing a 4,300mAh closest.


The Mate 30 Pro runs out of the box Android 10-that’s the good news. The bad news is that it lacks any apps or services from Google that include the Play Store and any other app that has the name of Google on it.

Since it is actually only being sold in China, where no one wants or uses the products of Google, there is not a huge deal. Whether Google services will be pre-installed when the Mate 30 Pro goes global, however, is unclear.


The best Mate has yet been produced by Huawei, and we really like the 30 Pro. Too bad this happened in a year when the company can’t pre-install Google apps for its customers, making the phone out of the box virtually unusable in the Western world.

Otherwise the Mate 30 Pro has its all-spectacular display, outstanding strength, the standard of the picture to make other performances envy, class-leading. The columns are tall, dwarfing the inconvenience of lacking a headphone jack, stereo speakers, or a standard slot for memory cards.


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